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4399 (Great game site)

Technology in Education:


This website lets teachers and students visualize different graphs by entering the equation. This is especially helpful when the graph is too complex to be drawn by hand.


This website lets teachers and students create and give quizzes or reviews in the form of a game. The competition between peers keeps students engaged.


This website lets people create shareable flashcards and diagrams. Then, by using the site’s various studying modes, the information is easily memorized.

Khan Academy

This website has tons of easy to understand videos and practice questions for those wanting to learn more about a school related subject. Progress is saved to a student’s account so that they can easily see what skills they have mastered.

Google Classroom

This service lets teachers set up a digital classroom to give assignments, homework, and a calendar for important dates. Plus, teachers will be able to efficiently track if students have handed in their work on time.